How the music video for H.E.A.T was made in Virtual Production

I started the whole journey into Virtual Production by trying to make music videos in a cost-effective and fast way with amazing scenery. With this video I think I really come full circle. Read a long for some insights in the process of making a virtual production music video.

Intro to camera tracking for Virtual Production

Are you interested in LED Wall or Green Screen Virtual Production? 
Then you’ll come across camera tracking. And in this blog I will try to explain the concept and show you the different options you have available to track your camera.

What are the best software for real-time Virtual Production?

When going for real-time on set compositing and especially when aiming for final pixels there could be a good reason to buy into an already existing system. This list contains some of the best software(that I know of) that can incorporate Unreal Projects or have a tight integration.

Short film made with Unreal Engine in virtual production

So this blog will continue in english since I noticed that most of the users are from other countries than Sweden. Earlier this year we set out to shoot an short film in virtual production, but since our green screen studio was brand new we didn’t have that much in

Playing guitar in Virtual Production

You know that childish dream that you can never really let go? Only since seeing Richie Blackmore and Yngwie Malmsteen shredded guitar in front of a huge wall of Marshall amplifiers have I dreamed of experiencing it. Of course, my childhood friend Dave had the same dream, even though he

3D-transitions i Virtual Production med Unreal Engine och Aximmetry

Som ni vet jobbar vi väldigt hårt på att utforska alla möjligheter inom Virtual Production med Unreal Engine här i vår Stockholms-baserade studio. Tidigare i månaden delade jag på min YouTube ett litet kort klipp där jag visar en av 3D-övergångarna vi håller på att jobba med inför ett kommande