May 3, 2024

What are some of the best real-time Virtual Production Software?

When going for real-time on set compositing and especially when aiming for final pixels there could be a good reason to buy into an already existing system. This list contains some of the best software(that I know of) that can incorporate Unreal Projects or have a tight integration.

To begin with, independent filmmakers or small studios often start by using Unreal Engine’s internal compositing tool, Composure, for real-time compositing. This approach is initially attractive due to its direct integration within Unreal Engine and the cost-effectiveness for those on a tight budget.

However, as your project’s complexity increases, you’ll likely encounter significant limitations with this setup. This is the point where you might begin to understand why more advanced software solutions come with a higher price tag. These tools are specifically designed to handle the intricate demands of real-time compositing more efficiently and with greater flexibility.

Virtual Production Software

Undertaking real-time compositing solely within Unreal Engine can certainly be an ambitious endeavor. While it’s entirely possible to achieve, the process can become overwhelmingly complex. Building your own compositing pipeline in Unreal requires not only a deep understanding of the engine’s capabilities but also considerable time and patience to manage the intricacies involved. For those willing to navigate these challenges, the outcome can be rewarding, but the journey is often fraught with technical obstacles that could slow down your production timeline.


The system that’s probably the most adapted in the world of broadcasting. Features as Hyper-realistic rendering and compositing in Unreal Engine, produce in one-system, real-time Native 4K/UHD/SDI production, lens calibration & talent

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Brainstorm Infinity Set

Infinity Set is a complete system that integrates natively in Unreal Engine. It has all the bells and whistles for example ray-tracing and internal keyer. But what I find most interesting with it is an tool called “3D Presenter” which converts the talent into a 3D object on the fly by generating a true 3d representation from a video feed. This in turn makes it easy to cast real shadows and reflections and also add or change lighting on the talent. Really cool stuff

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Aximmetry is an all-in-one virtual studio and 3D graphics software for the broadcast and entertainment industry. They also have more subscription-solutions that better suite indie-producers. The software is very intuitive to use and is a node-based system that makes it easy to build your own setup. The keyer is great and has a lot of built in tools such as light wrapping and more. Of course a tight integration with Unreal Engine, even though their own 3D-Renderer is excellent.

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Pixotope is probably the sleekest looking software of them all. And my impression of the software is that it could be the most userfriendly of them all. Built to enhance the fast turnarounds and changes on air.

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These were some of the software that I know of. If you think I missed something shoot me an email and I’ll add them in.


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