Richard Frantzén

Consulting Expert in
Unreal Engine & Aximmetry

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Filmmaker, creator, and entrepreneur by heart.

About Richard Frantzén

My background spans over 15 years in video production, live broadcast, and 3D production.

The recent years I’ve have been 100% focused on creating a Virtual Production studio from pure indie solutions.

In 2020 I founded the award-winning Virtual Production Studio Virtual Star Studios which produces events & videos for national broadcasters, top 100 companies, and the biggest musical artists.
Richard Frantzen
Richard Frantzen
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I have a unique set of skills in my toolbelt that will help you in your project

Studio Setup

I've setup many studios from equipment to final builds - all over the world

Aximmetry Setup

I work closely with the Aximmetry Team and have full knowledge of what the software can do.

Unreal Programming

Many times you'll need unique solutions for unique problems. I can help you solve them.

Unreal Engine Design

My background in 3D and design is very handy when designing 3D sets for use in Virtual Production, so is my experience in optimizing sets for real-time

Virtual Production

As a trailblazer in Virtual Production I have come across almost unthinkable challenges and happy to help you with yours

Custom Aximmetry Compounds

"There's a compound for that" - and if it's not I'll help you build it

Crash course to building a Virtual Production Studio

This 3-day paid email crash course will get you a running start in all aspects of equipment, software & business.

Video Production Bidding Template for Google Sheets

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  • Automatic estimates
  • Budget projects
  • Inventory
  • Generate Contracts
Estimate & Quote Google Sheets Template for Creative Businesses, Video Production Companies and more.

Explore my current projects

Here are my priority projects that I'm involved with.

Virtual Star Studios

I'm the co-founder and owner of this Swedish award-winning Virtual Production Studio

Online marketplace for Aximmetry Compounds


Educating content for YouTube

Roll Out Quotes Like a Pro! Streamline your video production budgeting and quoting process
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Let's build the future together
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