Join me on my Monthly Live for Patreons

It's been a rough year but I'm so happy for you all Patreons who stood by me and to make it up for you I have planned monthly live streams.
Richard Frantzen

Richard Frantzen

This Livestream will be great. I’ve figured out a way to easily bring in digital guests into the stream with the help of Which is a fantastic online software to help with this. Join the live stream here

My thought is for these live streams to be more of a hangout where I can show and answer questions but also a two-way communication where we together can listen to each other’s ideas, struggles and form a tight nit little community where we help each other.

Also happy to announce that I’ve recorded content for release every week until the end of the year on this channel and I’ve also prepared a few goodies for you good people over at Patreon.

And of course, I’m working on my two courses called “Aximmetry 101” which will be a good starter for all beginners and the more comprehensive “Mastering Virtual Production with Unreal Engine & Aximmetry”

Good times ahead


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