Wednesday Director Recommendation: Michel Gondry

What does Björk, Daft Punk, The White Stripes, The Chemical Brothers, The Vines, Steriogram, Radiohead, and Beck have in common?

Yep, french Michel Gondry have directed some serious crazy cool music videos for all of them.
Besides directing music videos he also made some feature films & commercials that all stand out from the crowd.
His commercial for Levi’s 501 Jeans “Drugstore” spot holds the record for “Most awards won by a TV commercial”.

He truly has a great ability to create emotion from his visually creative mind. For example the following Björk video. It’s so simple but full of emotion.
When others try to make their videos look high budget, Michel Gondry only focuses on a great idea. And as you can tell.. it’s a lot more effective. And of course you have to smoke crack or take LSD regularly to come up with these kind of ideas.


He usually have a very simple concept but packaged in a elegant form. Like this White Stripes video.


Or my all time favourite “one take” video also with White Stripe.


It’s so technically advanced with all the set design and camera work. To end this little write-up of Michel Gondry here’s a behind the scenes of the Denial Twist. Just imagine how much work went into this.



Other great Michel Gondry videos:
Kylie Minogue — “Come Into My World”
The Black Crowes – “High Head Blues”
The Chemical Brothers – “Star Guitar”
The White Stripes – “Fell In Love WIth a Girl”
Daft Punk – “Around The World”
Wyclef Jean – “Another One Bites the Dust”
Bjork – “Hyperballad”
Beck – “Cell Phone Dead”
Mia Doi Todd – “Open Your Heart”
Bjork – “Human Behaviour”

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Skärmavbild 2014-02-02 kl. 22.13.33

See all the spots from Super Bowl 2014

The era of the pre-game Super Bowl strategy kicked off in earnest in 2011, when Volkswagen pre-released its excellent spot “The Force” before Super Sunday. The monster success of that spot spurred others to follow suit and this year the trend continued unabated

Which one’s your favourite? The KIA one is pretty neat!



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My favourite cinematography blogs

There’s a lot of good blogs on the net, but here’s my collection that I’ve follow.


– Up and coming DoP with a lot of good test and before/after. Also shows workflow with DaVinci.

– Also a lot of good and practical tips.

– Hasn’t been updated in awhile, but hey information never gets old right?

– A creative team that work with a small crew. Lots of information on storytelling

– The king of cinematography. Works on big Hollywood Productions

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Kristina Knippenberg

Straight out of camera

Sometimes you don’t need much. Today was such a day.
I always wanted to try something that my colleague and good friend Pavel Maira taught me.
This is a very “now”-look and I like the simplicity of it. What you do is put a strobe with a wide zoom reflector pretty far away from the subject so that you fill the entire space with light. Also it helps for definition if you put it a bit higher than the model and aim it downwards.

In my case we have really awesome equipment from Profoto in our studio Fotostudion and our wide zoom looks like this:


Profoto Widezoom

And here’s a lighting diagram:

Lighting Diagram
Lighting Diagram

Final pictures straight out of camera:
Model: Kristina Knippenberg

Kristina Knippenberg Kristina Knippenberg

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